The Rohingya people left everything behind and came to Bangladesh with nothing except the clothes on their backs and thus it is a common sight to see children wear worn down clothing that barely serves the purpose. They cannot experience anything close to the comfort we feel in our homes because they have a hard […]


The high unemployment rate in Bangladesh further perpetuates a poor economy, which also robs children of the opportunity to make a living. We provide the youth with the opportunity to be trained in areas such as basic education, typing and design. Education paves the way to a brighter future for these children, and with our […]


Many households are devastated by poverty and unemployment in Bangladesh. Women, especially those who are the heads of their households, are often among the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh. Women have few opportunities to earn income and are often discriminated against in the workforce. A small amount of money and proper tools can help […]


Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya children are preparing to face their second Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr as refugees in Bangladesh, missing much of the celebration that normally accompanies this festive and holy month for Muslims. This year 370,000 children are spending their most important celebration far from home, in hot, flimsy huts made of bamboo and […]


Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries; home for 164 million people in an area the size of Illinois. Economic inequality has increased, about 32 percent, i.e. 50 million people still live in extreme poverty. Compounded by corona pandemic & recurrent natural disasters, Bangladesh is struggling immensely with food insecurity. Its common […]


The Rohingya Muslims of Burma (Myanmar) are considered one of the most persecuted groups of people in the world. 1.3 million of them have fled to Bangladesh as refugees because of the ethnic cleansing occurring in their country. These refugees do not have access to medical care, constant food supply, or shelter. On a monthly […]