Qurbani Meat distribution

Annually, BASMAH coordinates the slaughter of robust and halal animals at the behest of contributors, thereafter dispersing the meat among.

Rohingya crisis Response

Over a million Rohingya refugees endure the harsh realities of makeshift encampments, constructed from bamboo and plastic.

Zakat and Sadaqah

Your Zakat holds the potential to transform lives. Direct your Zakat funds towards alleviating the suffering of hundreds.

Orphan sponsorship

Your small support can truly make a difference in ensuring a bright future for orphans and the helpless.There are many orphans and helpless children

Feeding Program for the Hungry people

BASMAH Foundation has launched a feeding program for hungry and needy people. So many people live in acute poverty in Bangladesh.

Youth & Women Empowerment

BASMAH Foundation has established five vocational centers (Cox’s Bazar, Mymensingh, Narayanganj, Rangpur, Jashore) for women to become self-sufficient.

Shonirvhor Project

SHONIRVHOR is a Bengali word that means being efficient or competent in a particular field of profession. In the Islamic community,

Clean water

Access to clean water is still very limited in many areas in Bangladesh. The Cyclone and flood prone districts often experience wide inundation covering vast areas making fresh water unavailable.

Education for Children

BASMAH Foundation operates 12 Learning Centers for children who have left formal schooling due to poverty or humanitarian crises such as conflict. The Foundation aims to ensure education for all children.

Health and Nutrition

Amidst the challenging circumstances faced by the Rohingya people residing in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, BASMAH FOUNDATION has stepped in to address their critical health needs.

Emergency Response

BASMAH jumps into humanitarian crises and natural calamities as and when they occur. Responding to crises is a core philosophy of BASMAH.


BASMAH Foundation is building homes for orphans and homeless people in Kaunia, Rangpur & Narayanganj, Bangladesh.

Food Aid in Ramadan

Many Rohingya children in Bangladesh will observe their second Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr as refugees, missing out on the usual festivities.

Social enterprises

Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar are among the most persecuted globally, with 1.3 million seeking refuge in Bangladesh due to ethnic cleansing.

Warmth in Winter

Since 2018, BASMAH Foundation has been devoted to aiding impoverished communities throughout Bangladesh, particularly during harsh winter months.

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