About Us


Over 1 million refugees have displaced to Bangladesh over the years fleeing the religious bias and humanitarian injustice they faced. These people are all currently residing in refugee camps in Cox Bazaar, Bangladesh with no access to medical care, education, proper housing, sanitary water sources, nutritious food. Children like ours are sleeping on the hard ground, wearing rags for clothes and eating dry stale food that barely keeps them alive. Elders are suffering from illnesses and all these people are at the mercy of natural phenomena like landslides, floods and storms. This day to day struggle is the condition of the Rohingya people and it’s time for us as fellow human beings to help them get back on their feet and recover from one of the worst humanitarian crises.

The right kind of change happens when people are empowered. Our vision is to empower people and enable them to help themselves and their communities. Short-term help is needed but long-term stability is the goal. Basmah Foundation doesn’t only bring relief to these people in need. We bring them a solution. Our projects are developed with hope of long-term growth for communities all over Bangladesh so they can become self-sufficient.

Change is hard. If we realized the urgency of the situations that are faced by so many individuals in Bangladesh, we wouldn’t hesitate for a second before taking action. Help Basmah Foundation empower the people of Bangladesh today.