BAASMAH FOUNDATION has started a new project namely BASMAH Health Care at Sonargaon, Narayanganj for scaling up a proven model of health care service in the USA. The poorest people, who do not have the capacity to purchase medicine and pay for a prescription will be provided with Health cards proactively and free treatment with medicine will also be offered. The medical service will also be available for the lower middle class, middle-class, and higher-class people with a reduction of membership fees up to 50%. The following services will be offered:

  1. Primary health care with the facilities of outdoor treatment;
  2. Primary treatment for general disease 
  3. Dental services 
  4. Medical checkup for the mother and children
  5. 24-hour dispensary facilities 
  6. 24-hour ambulance facilities

BASMAH Foundation is looking to introduce a health care service model in Bangladesh following the health care service model of the USA through the implementation of the above-mentioned Health Care Center.