In Islam, there are many acts that can lead to immeasurable reward – both today and in our Hereafter; these acts are commonly referred to as sadaqah jariyah.

Sadaqah jariyah is an act of giving in a way that keeps on giving. For example, if you were to invest in planting a tree, that tree would then go on to provide shelter for as long as it stands – meaning you shall receive an ongoing reward for as long as it stands, too.

“Surely the men who give sadaqah and the women who give sadaqah and have advanced a good loan to Allah SWT; for them, it will be multiplied and for them, there is a noble reward.”

–        The Holy Qur’an (57:18)

There are many different types of sadaqah jariyah one can contribute towards and we have selected five key examples of these to explore. Hopefully, you will be inspired by these ideas and engage in ongoing charity for the people of today and the future.

We should all aim to adopt ongoing charity as a habit in Islam as opposed to an occasional gesture as we will, one day, be thankful for our actions when the resulting rewards continue to benefit us in our Hereafter.

May Allah SWT reward us all for our good deeds and acts of sadaqah, even those outside of the types of sadaqah jariyah listed here, and may He grant us all a place in Jannah. Ameen.

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