The cries of the people around the night in the eyes of the helpless family just want to get back to their loved ones. Firefighters were rescuing one body after another. Still, when will meet while waiting to understand own mind. On July 9, 2021, a fire at a juice factory killed at least 52 people and injured 25 others. The fire broke out at Shezan Juice Factory in the Rupganj Industrial Area of ​​Narayanganj. The air became heavy with the cries of the relatives. The cry of son and daughter for mother, wife for husband, daughter of father’s eyes. It was as if a death procession was overflowing on that dark night. The BASMAH Foundation team rushed to the spot and helped the firefighters to put out the fire overnight. BASMAH Foundation assisted the firefighters in extinguishing the fire and distributing food and drink. Don’t stop BASMAH Foundation after that night. BASMAH Foundation finds out the helpless families. Who are the relatives of those who have lost। to alleviate their grief, BASMAH Foundation organized a relief distribution and launch program on December 19, 2021, to bring together 25 families affected by the tragedy in Rupganj. Basmah Health Care, run by the BASMAH Foundation, provides them with free medicine and various dental treatments, as well as free medicine distribution. Each family is provided cash assistance of bdt. 28,500 / -, in addition to the gift items given to each family to have 1 sharee, 1 piece lunghi, 1 three piece, and 1 winter blanket. The people who lost their lives shed tears of joy after receiving so many items. With the prayers and love of such helpless people, the BASMAH Foundation is constantly working with the help of the people.