The month of October 2021, the Teesta dam flooded many areas of Rangpur district. The lives of the people there are endangered and ruined. Thousands of people were stranded in the floodwaters. The helpless faces also spend their days in the water with their nets closed. One of them is the helpless people of Chardushmara village of Kaunia union of Rangpur district. In October 2021, India released Teesta water towards Bangladesh. Then Chardushmara village of Kaunia upazila was flooded. 95% percent of people’s homes were submerged, and farms and livestock were flooded. The most affected are the peasantry. The fertile land is ruined. The crops are washed away and the farmers become destitute and helpless. Some lands become sandy and uncultivable after depletion of water. The BASMAH Foundation extends a helping hand to these helpless people. Towards our side, a group of brave volunteers bravely went down into the flood waters and delivered relief supplies to the flood-affected families who had been living under house arrest without being caught in the flood. Give them a helping hand. Reaching out to about 400 families the relief materials of BASMAH Foundation have given a glimmer of hope to the helpless families affected by the floods.