SEWING MACHINE TRAINING CENTER 3 – Sabrang, Teknaf, Bangladesh

Many households are devastated by poverty and unemployment in Bangladesh. Women, especially those who are the heads of their households, are often among the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh. Women have few opportunities to earn income and are often discriminated against in the workforce. A small amount of money and proper tools can help these women start a small business and help them survive on a monthly basis. Bangladesh has a large textile industry and stitching garments is one job that is still valued and needed in Bangladesh. By providing women in need with sewing machines and training we can empower them to support themselves.

We in collaboration with Basmah USA have set up sewing machine distribution program for women in need in Bangladesh. Basmah provides them with sewing machines and the skills needed to get a small business started in their household. We provide training at our sewing machine training center at Sabrang, Teknaf, Bangladesh. We believe this dual pronged approach, providing free sewing machines as well as three months of training will empower them to create a stream of income for themselves and their families.

This sewing machine center serves as a dual blessing. It provides a training cum employment opportunity to women in Bangladesh as well as the garments manufactured at these centers are sent to Rohingya refugee camps where they are distributed for free.

Volunteers from our partner organization Basmah USA (Government of Bangladesh NGO Affairs Bureau Registration Number – 3160) help in running day-to-day operations of this Sewing Machine Training Centre. This project and all services offered at this Sewing Machine Training Centre is approved by Government of Bangladesh NGO Affairs Bureau (Approval Number – 03.07.2666.662.68.215.18-16)

Alhamdulillah! In short period of time, women at these training centers have started manufacturing school uniforms for Rohingya children who are studying at Basmah Children Care Center.

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