More than 900,000 Rohingya refugees live across 36 different locations in Cox’s Bazar area, in south-eastern Bangladesh. Water is scarce in most locations. It is challenging to secure adequate water sources for the whole refugee population – most of whom fled to Bangladesh in late 2017. This is why BASMAH has stepped up their efforts to address the massive water needs.

Rohingya refugees struggle with clean water and sanitation in Kutupalong camps. Water supplies are a major issue for impoverished families. In this part of Bangladesh, we experience a water crisis during the dry season – from end of November through April or May. The water levels fall sharply, making it very difficult to pump water.

BASMAH is ensuring that refugees receive enough water and that the tube wells are properly maintained.

The cost to dig one bore well is $1500. With your donation, we can help a family have access to clean water through the installation of a tube well pump.

The process to dig tube well is labor intensive and requires survey and planning. Alhamdulillah, with excellent efforts by Basmah Foundation team we have installed 5 tube wells in year 2018 and in 2019 we have already installed 3 tube wells and are planning to install 10 more this year.

Our partner organization Basmah Foundation have dug bore wells at various locations in Refugee camps and at other Bangladesh local areas where it was needed most.

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